Shikhara Solutions is a software development agency based out in Bangalore. We provide cost effective business solutions, software freedom evangelism and a repertoire of services in the same domain. We're powered by coffee, passion and a distributed network of seasoned software developers.

Why choose us?

We're hackers first and businessmen later. Count on us to do what we love with true passion and perfection. We avoid hierarchies, keep things simple, straight and flat and make no-nonsense deliveries of our promises, just in time.

Why go Open Source?

We evangelize open source and software freedom. "If you use it, you must own it", is a mantra that is dear to our hearts. We love to pitch in to F/OSS movement as activism, as a culture and as an enriching learning experience.

Get in touch

Getting in touch with us is simple, quick and efficient. We're available 24x7x365. Responses are guaranteed to be as detailed or concise as you'd like it. Don't hesitate to contact us for support, estimates, jobs or anything else.